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Why Make Art??


In The Soul’s Palette, Cathy Malchiodi writes:

A creative act is one that invokes imagination, making the invisible visible. It reflects what is inside of us, parts of the self that are more authentically conveyed with images than words. . .in the simplest sense, it is as close as we get to seeing our souls.

…[creativity] remains alive within you. Even if you have neglected it since early childhood, you have nothing to worry about–it’s still there, fully intact. It is not limited by your age, physical condition, or art training. It is connected to the creative instincts you were born with, and it is your life force, energy, zest for life. It does not require that you produce a finished work of art worthy of display in a museum, but it does ask you to be authentic, and it is called forth by simply being yourself.

It is with this in mind that I help moms reconnect with their own creative instincts in an effort to reunite them with their most authentic selves. Utilizing knowledge from my background as an art therapist, as well as my personal experiences, I lay a pathway back home to ourselves. The world, our culture, our families, our schools, and any other number of influences have pulled us away from ourselves, taught us to distrust our instincts, numb ourselves to the pleas of our bodies and souls. But in becoming creative, we can reopen our senses to our instincts, our emotions, our needs and wants, our deepest desires and our silliest whims. We can reacquaint ourselves with our truest selves. So that as we set out on a journey towards a more fulfilling and joyful life, we will have ourselves as our most trusted guides. For what other guides could bring us to where we most want to be?

We often associate creativity only with professional artists. But it is so much more. In fact, we may have a great deal of technical skills around art-making, but really struggle with artistic spontaneity and imaginative expression. It is the spontaneity that we are after here. The playful, imaginative and fearless act of making something new to us. Not because we seek others’ praise or approval, but because our soul demands it.

This is how we can come home to ourself, how we discover what our heart yearns for and see how we can make that happen. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to commit to creating every day in order to get the benefits. Instead, we trust our own intuition as it calls to us. Creating more at times when we are seeking rebirth and renewal or a way to express what we have no words for, then returning back to the rest of our lives more fulfilled and more energized. This will look different for each of us. Some may wish to keep a daily practice because it feels good and allows a ritual of soulful expression. The important thing is that we unlearn habits of ignoring what our body, mind, and soul are telling us. And that requires the space to get to know what feels good, what is hard but nurturing, and what we need to ditch altogether.

Making art and sharing it with others can deepen our healing. It is the process of bearing our souls and being seen/heard. In inviting moms to share what they’ve created with others in their cohort, their experience has an opportunity to deepen and develop within the safety of the group.

Maybe this speaks to you? If so, reach out. I’d love to connect and explore this with you more.

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