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How Can I Help?


My journey with (re)Create You has allowed me to clarifying for myself and others how I can help outside of the world of therapy. So here are some of the many ways I intend to help moms through (re)Create You programs. . .


  • Trauma: I have so much to share regarding the impact of trauma (whether generational or situational; single incident or repeated). This has been a central focus of my work as a therapist from the very beginning. I love to follow the latest research in this area as more is being learned about the different impacts of trauma and the ways we can heal. I believe a basic understanding of how trauma could be impacting your life in ways you hadn't considered is crucial when reshaping your life.

  • Coping Skills and Techniques: As different obstacles may arise for you along your journey, I can provide specifically tailored skills and techniques to assist you in tolerating, overcoming, or otherwise dealing with those issues- all informed by my psychology training and background.

  • Boundaries: A more complete understanding of healthy boundaries and the support to practice them will benefit you in all areas of your life.

  • Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in all aspects of our life: I have found that nurturing an openness for others' experiences and perspectives increases our sense of connectedness in our relationships, our workplaces, and even