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(re)Create You

At (re)Create You, we offer specialized online support to help empower and transform the lives of burnt out and overwhelmed moms. We believe that a mom’s energy is her superpower and that when given the right tools and resources, she can create the life she desires. Our services include virtual coaching, online classes, and a supportive community. We are here to help you find clarity, take action, and create a life you love.

Women Holding Hands
Art Supply

Hollie French
Art Therapy & Counseling

Hollie French Art Therapy & Counseling is a unique clinical mental health practice that offers an array of therapeutic services for individuals ages 5 and older. Offering a safe and nurturing environment, Hollie French Art Therapy & Counseling provides individual counseling, family support, teletherapy, and workshops to promote emotional well-being.

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