Art Therapy

A Masters degree is required for entry level practice in Art Therapy. Art Therapists are also required to obtain national certification through the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB). Art Therapists who are certified through the ATCB are then Registered Art Therapists (ATRs) or Board Certified Registered Art Therapists (ATR-BC), depending of level of credentialing. To verify an art therapist's credentials, visit the ATCB website here.

Art therapy isn't just for artists. 

ANYONE can benefit from Art Therapy. Because Art Therapy isn't about making great works of art to sell or hang in a museum. It isn't just for kids. It offers an alternative way of expressing yourself so that you can explore experiences and discover new ways to cope and overcome challenges. It's about having something you can touch and hold that helps you better understand yourself, your feelings, and your needs. And if you happen to already love being creative, Art Therapy will give you a familiar and perhaps more comfortable outlet to express yourself than talk therapy might do on its own.  


In Art Therapy, there are no mistakes. Nothing you do or say will be judged, including the art that you create. We focus on what can be expressed and learned through the process of art-making.


Sometimes we find that there are simply no words to describe how we are feeling or what we have been through. Art Therapy provides a way to express those complex feelings and experiences that doesn't rely on words alone.  


When we engage in the creative process, we are accessing and developing the qualities and strengths within us which help us to overcome difficulties, heal, and problem-solve. We all need to find ways to draw upon the creativity and strengths that already exist within us. But sometimes we also need the help of professionals and other supportive people, expressive outlets, and tools to help us cope. 

I am passionate about the benefits of Art Therapy. I have seen it help people of all ages and varying needs. No matter how old or young, no matter what experiences or challenges you face, Art Therapy can help you.


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